MVMA By-laws





(Established May 2002)

Revised February 2012


The name of the organization shall be MOUNTAIN VIEW MUSIC AND ARTS. It may be referred to as “THE BOOSTERS” or the “BOOSTER CLUB” or “MVMA.”


A. The purpose of the MOUNTAIN VIEW MUSIC AND ARTS shall be:

1. To promote the MVHS band, choir, orchestra, theatre and arts programs at MVHS and in the Loveland community through activities not limited to:

a. Stimulating interest in the MVHS music, theatre, and arts programs;

b. Providing moral and financial support to the MVHS music, theatre, and arts programs;

c. Assisting the MVHS music, theatre, and arts directors in achieving program goals;

2. To assist the MVHS performing arts directors (by request) with tasks such as, but not limited to:

a. Organizing and implementing new programs;

b. Purchasing needed services and/or equipment;

c. Coordinating activities and functions;

3. To communicate regularly with students and parents, as well as the community, about MVHS programs and booster club activities by:

a. Using all available technologies at MVHS, including the music, theatre, and art web site(s), scroll board, morning announcements, e-mail, etc.

b. Listing all pertinent information with the local media;

B. MVMA shall not at any time mandate classroom instruction, selection of music, curriculum, or work schedule of the directors of the MVHS music, theatre, and arts programs.


A. Membership shall include the following:

PARENTS: Any parent/guardian who has a student enrolled in any MVHS music, theatre, or arts program;

STUDENTS: Any MVHS student enrolled in any MVHS music, theatre, or arts program;

COMMUNITY: Any adult who is interested in promoting the music, theatre, or arts programs at MVHS.

B. No membership fee shall be charged.

C. All members, with the exception of students, shall have the right to vote, speak on the floor, serve on committees, and hold office. Students are encouraged to speak on the floor and serve on committees but shall not be permitted to vote or hold office. The MVHS music, theatre, and arts directors shall have the right to request the exclusion of a member of the MVMA if they deem the member does not support the MVHS music, theatre, and arts programs in a positive and useful manner.


A. The Board of Directors of MVMA shall consist of eight elected officers (up to ten if positions are co-chaired), and as many as six Member-At-Large representatives.

B. The Board of Directors shall meet at the call of the President, or on written call signed by any three board members.

C. The board shall take charge of MVMA affairs between regular BOOSTER CLUB meetings.

D. A majority of board members shall be present at board meetings to have a quorum.

Board members may be polled by telephone or e-mail.


A. MVMA shall have eight officers (or up to ten if positions are co-chaired) and as many as six Member-At-Large board representatives. The officers shall include: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Student Account Coordinator, Fundraising Chairperson, Volunteer Coordinator, and Publicity Chairperson. The President may direct the Member-At-Large board representatives to assist in areas needing additional support. The MVMA will seek board members from band, choir, orchestra, theatre, and arts, but it will not be a requirement to fill the board with equal representation from all groups.

B. Elections shall be held every year in April at the MVMA meeting. Each officer shall be elected for a one-year term and will begin serving the term immediately following elections.

C. Officers shall be elected by a majority vote of active members present during the election. No proxy votes will be accepted. The MVMA may decide to allow consecutive terms in any office, as long as the MVHS music, theatre, and arts directors are in agreement.

D. If a vacancy occurs during a term of office, the Board of Directors will select a replacement. This shall be a temporary replacement for the remainder of the term until the next regular election.


A. The duties of each officer shall be those ordinarily associated with that office. They include, but are not limited to:

1. PRESIDENT: The President shall preside at all meetings of the BOOSTER CLUB and the Board of Directors. He/She shall appoint committee chairpersons, delegate responsibilities as needed, and oversee the operations of the BOOSTER CLUB.

2. VICE PRESIDENT: The Vice President shall assume duties of the President in his/her absence, or when called upon to do so. He/She shall assist in the organization and facilitation of all fundraising activities for the BOOSTER CLUB. He/She will act as timekeeper at BOOSTER CLUB meetings. He/She shall be responsible for the acknowledgment and donor recognition process, or the delegation and oversight of such.

3. SECRETARY: The Secretary shall take minutes of all meetings of the BOOSTER CLUB, assist with all correspondence concerning THE BOOSTERS, as well as organize the Election sub-committee. Meeting minutes shall be forwarded to the Publicity Chairperson for posting on the MVMA website as soon after each monthly meeting as is reasonably possible.

4. TREASURER: The Treasurer shall manage or delegate the MVMA financial transactions, maintain MVMA and aggregate student bank accounts, maintain financial records, and prepare financial reports. The Treasurer shall also assist the other board members in developing an annual budget.

5. STUDENT ACCOUNTS COORDINATOR: The Student Accounts Coordinator shall keep track of each student's individual account in accordance with the “Student Account Policies.”

6. PUBLICITY CHAIRPERSON: The Publicity Chairperson shall be responsible for promotion of MVHS music and arts programs, and distribution of music and arts activity announcements for parents, students, and the community using available technologies, including the internet, social networks, local media outlets, the scroll board, MVTV, and daily announcements at MVHS. The Publicity Chairperson is also responsible for maintaining the MVMA website(s), or delegation and oversight of such maintenance.

7. FUNDRAISING CHAIRPERSON: The Fundraising Chairperson shall be responsible for the organization and facilitation of all fundraising activities in conjunction with the Vice President.

8. VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR: The Volunteer Coordinator shall be responsible for recruiting volunteers as well as maintaining a current list of BOOSTER CLUB parents. The Volunteer Coordinator will be responsible for establishing and maintaining an e-mail list when volunteers are needed for MVMA functions.

9. MEMBERS-AT-LARGE: Each Member-At-Large (as many as six) may be elected for a one-year term. The Members-At-Large shall serve the BOOSTER CLUB as directed by the President or the MVHS music, theatre, and arts directors.


A. MVMA shall meet monthly in the MVHS Band Room or where designated by the President.

B. BOOSTER CLUB members shall be notified of meeting dates and times by e-mail or phone contact if necessary.

C. Where practical, standard rules of parliamentary procedure shall govern all meetings.

D. Decisions shall be decided by a simple majority vote of members present.