MVMA Board

If you're interested in joining the MVMA Board, open positions for 2021-2022 include:

  • Secretary (Duties: Take monthly meeting minutes; assist with other MVMA correspondence as needed.)

  • Publicity Chairperson (Duties: Promote MVHS music and arts programs / MVMA activities through MVMA social media accounts and local media contact; maintain the MVMA website via Google Sites.)

  • Fundraising Chairperson (Duties: Organize and facilitate MVMA fundraising activities.)

  • Volunteer Coordinator (Duties: Recruit and organize volunteers for MVHS music and arts events / MVMA functions.)

Please contact any current MVMA Board member to inquire.

2021-2022 MVMA Board Members


Lavon Peters

Vice President

Stephanie Landis


Margie Campbell

Publicity Chairperson


Fundraising Chairperson


Volunteer Coordinator